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I have a business.  There is no way calling just a 800 number to talk to someone in a call center would suit my needs. It is so nice to have actual real agent that care about your needs and helps you.

Recently I booked a job and my client wanted me to take out an insane insurance policy on myself before I came.  These guys got me everything I needed in 24 hours and called my client to make sure everything was good.  Went above and beyond.

Both Allan and Josh have been so great to work with and saved us some money in the process!!  Thanks guys!

Excellent communication and service, love Kaitlyn here, very helpful!

Sarah provides not only excellent customer service, but offers great education on aspects of insurance that I was not aware of - and that will help me make better choices for more cost savings.  Very glad to have her as a resource!

As a longterm customer of Blue Lion I am probably overdue for providing a review. This is in part because like many, I view insurance as a commodity that I value on price and expect that my needs are covered when necessary.

My vehicle was recently hit by another car while parked and I was dependent on Pemco to provide coverage and repair my car. As I should have expected, the claims adjuster tried to cover less than the total sum of damages and leave me to cover the part of the damages myself.

Sarah was instrumental in brokering this stressful situation and involving my insurance company to step in and mitigate the situation such that Pemco would assume accountability.

The resolution and level of service reinforce why my family isn't working through an online broker, Geico and other mass-market vendors.

Couldn't be happier.